The Eight Habits Wealthy People Have in Common

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Imagine there was a secret recipe book for success, and all you had to do was check that book out of the library (or download it on your Kindle). Would you read it? Of course you would!

The attributes that make people successful and ultimately wealthy are ones that most of us try to seek out. Check out these eight habits of some incredibly successful people.

1. Productivity begins with an early start to the day
It seems to be a common trait among the rich and powerful. Famous early risers include–Benjamin Franklin (who had a rigid schedule, starting at 5am everyday) [], Richard Branson, Anna Wintour and both George HW Bush and George W Bush.  So try setting your alarm an hour earlier and take advantage of those extra hours! Click Here to read on The Simplest Process to Get More Done in Less Time

2. Building networks
Successful people are extremely good at connecting with other people in their field. It is often said that the quality of your networks determines the size of your net-worth. This does not  mean you have to be an extreme extrovert and spend days on end meeting people. Look at your existing relationships and prioritize the people that you would love to stay in touch with. You just never know where it might lead you!

3. Meditating daily
Meditation is no longer just some mythical practice of the east.Meditation has so many benefits, including lowering stress, increasing brain capacity and more (featured in Time magazine–The Mindful Revolution). People who meditate are among the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Russell Brand and Rupert Murdoch! There are many ways you can start meditating without having to sit in extremely uncomfortable positions. If meditation is something you are serious about exploring check out this article.

4. Work FULL work weeks
Say goodbye to your weekends and kiss dinner dates goodbye; many CEOs of large companies (including AOL, GE and Vodafone) work close to 100 hours a week [].This dedication to their job clearly pays off!

But we don’t believe you should sacrifice your health or emotional well-being. Our philosophy at Wealth Mentors is that if you have no health, you have no wealth. But the point is–success takes work. You can work smart, but you also have to work hard. So make sure you find something you feel inspired to do!

5. Set their priorities clearly
Success and focus often go hand in hand, and wealthy people usually know how to say “no”. Whether it’s a project beyond their scope, or one that could be delegated to someone else in their company, successful people know where their strengths lie and can say no to distracting tasks and projects. There is a joke that runs around in business, that CEO does not stand for Chief Everything Officer. You must learn to do it, date it, delegate or dump. This is a simple decision-making process that will help you prioritize your life and/or business.

6. A thirst for knowledge
Your mother always told you that TV would rot your brain, and the elite believe it. A study found that 67% of rich people only watch TV for an hour or less in a day, and close to 90% read daily for self-development ( So put down that remote and read a book before you go to bed!

7. Set goals
Picture this–it’s raining, the light is dim, and there is a fog that surrounds you as you complete your morning run. The only thing you have that keeps you on track are two things; the light coming from a distant lamp, and arrows on the road that point you towards it. What would happen if the lamp lights go out and the arrows disappear?

The best way to reach your goals, is to set them out clearly. Joel Brown from found that 95% of the successful people he interviewed set goals, and they re-evaluated regularly (

8. Manage the money they make
Many dream of being rich and having plenty of money to spend. But rich people got rich by saving and investing it! Successful people know how to manage their finances and have learned to live within their means and invest wisely.

Seems like an easy place to start! But one of the most profound lessons you can take is that wealth isn’t primarily about how much you make, it is about how you manage what you make.

The power as always, is in your hands.

Wealth Mentors Team.

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