PRESIDENT OBAMA: “The Real Dad-in-Chief”

Family man Barack Obama

At Malia Obama’s high school graduation on June 10, 2016; the commander-in-chief was just a `Total Dad’, and he did not speak during the commencement ceremony.

Krissah Thompson from The Washington Post reported that President Obama stood and clapped, just like other parents, when Malia’s name was announced at the graduation.

She was one of 127 graduates who wore a white dress and walked down the stairs of the Zartman House administrative building to receive her diploma.

Despite his busy schedule, Obama managed to clear his appointments on Friday to attend his eldest daughter’s graduation, and spent time having dinner with the family, which spoke highly of the man.

When Sidwell Friends School asked the President whether he would like to speak at his elder daughter’s graduation, he declined.

“I’m going to be wearing dark glasses… I’m going to cry,” he said, insisting he’d be too broken up with emotion.

Obama drew no attention to himself, and there was no special attention paid to the First Family including the First Lady, who attended the graduation ceremony at the private school in Northwest Washington.

Over recent months, Barack and Michelle Obama have expressed sadness and pride as their daughter has grown up.

Just like any other parent, one of the greatest gifts they can give their child is education, so that they can learn to think properly, and do the right thing.

And Malia’s graduation marks a milestone for the First Family, who sought to instill a sense of normalcy for their two girls, as they grew up in decidedly abnormal circumstances.

By his own admission, Obama has long been dreading the day his first born would mark the end of her high school career.

Malia will turn 18 next month and has been accepted to Harvard. She will attend the prestigious university in 2017.

The Obamas, who also celebrated the 15th birthday of younger daughter Sasha on Friday, wanted to treat the event as a family affair — and the school respected their desire.

Politics aside, Obama showed his vulnerable side as a responsible father and a human being, who is likely to make decisions with the interest of the people at heart. Good examples of his leadership include creating more jobs through JOBS ACT by helping SMEs raise money through crowd funding. No wonder he enjoyed high approval ratings (50% vs Bush 20%).


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