10 Ways to Make More Money

WE all want the best things in life – spending quality time with family, living life to the fullest, and getting healthy, but everything comes with a price – WE NEED MORE MONEY.

As such, it is not surprising that one popular New Year’s resolutions is to make more money , especially in this challenging economy  but it is also one of the most frequently broken resolutions. Making more money doesn’t require rocket science as you will discover below.

  1. Ask for a raise

Whether you’re an employee or have a business, there are people who pay you. When’s the last time you asked for more? As part of looking for improved salary or wages or setting better pricing, you need to know what your occupation and industry typically pay. Do the research to see how you fit into the bigger picture. It may be that you ultimately aren’t successful, but if you don’t ask, you can’t get. You negotiate much more than a raise or higher prices for your work.

Practically everything in life has an element of negotiation. The better you are at the science and art, the more effectively you move through the world, and that includes making money.

  1. Brag (though action)

If you’ve been improving your capabilities, that’s great, but you have to let people know. Do so by showing the improvement and not talking about it. Become the expert people rely on and build your value in their eyes. At the end of the day, it is about what you bring to the table. No matter how long you’ve done what you do, there are possible improvements in how you do it. Improve your skills and make yourself more valuable.

  1. Change careers or jobs

Sometimes you get to the end of what’s possible doing what you do where you currently are. You might need a significant shift in the type of work you do, or to find someplace that will value you more highly. As the job market has been picking up, that should become easier.

  1. Start a business

The real way people get rich is by creating businesses that build value. Start doing that part time (if you aren’t already running a business). Or you can start doing something on the side. Take time you’d otherwise waste and build your bank account.

  1. Teach

There are many occupations that people want to learn, whether through evening classes, workshops, or direct tutelage. Get out there and start teaching what you know.

  1. Create intellectual property

Whether in the form of writing, inventions, images, know-how, or other forms of intangibles, intellectual property is the driving force behind many business successes. Create something you can own that can make money over and over again.

  1. Start investing

If you’re not investing, start today. Compound interest has power. Learn how to create Wealth In The Stock Market 30 Minutes A Day through The Smart Traders Program which has taught over 7,000 students over the past decade, and how to trade in the US Stock Market profitably regardless of market directions.

  1. Advance your education

Higher levels of education generally correlate with higher incomes. Go back to school for a first degree or an advanced one.  Wealth Mentors brings an exclusive variety of world-class training that enables people to enrich their lives with more of what they want and deserve – more money, more freedom and more happiness. The key is discovering what works best for you.

  1. Be helpful

A general rule is the more you help people, the more comes back to you. Perhaps, the most bottom-line practical interpretation is when you help people make money, you can generally earn a portion, which is available through JV or affiliate partnership programs.

  1. Spend less

Last but not least, track your spending. This is an obvious point, but one that’s within your control to address now: Keep more of what you make to have the capital you’ll need.

Making money boils down to simple steps on how to lower your debts and improve your financial future. Many of these solutions may seem obvious, but there’s a difference between hearing about a solution to a problem and actually start taking action.


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