What HAPPY, Successful, Optimistic People Know About Life


A WISE man once said, you can feel blessed for the things that life has given you rather than curse the things life has denied you. Research shows that a fear of failure can lead you to choke up, make you give up, lead to poor decisions or making questionable investments.  Happy, successful, and optimistic people are not exempt from the trials and tribulations of life;  in fact  some of them have to overcome unbelievably difficult circumstances to get to where they are today.

POWER SHIFT: They have in common is their uncanny ability to shift their focus to a higher part of themselves.

Happy and successful people find laughter during tough times and sometimes even during the worst times. But they don’t just put on blinders and ignore that they are going through a difficult time—they instinctively know when to shift their mindsets to something that will put them on a more productive path. In reality, we all have the power to do this. And it’s what I call a “power shift in focus.”

For example, instead of making rash decisions in haste or anger, they can temporarily step away from those moments that are bringing them down or are causing them pain and immediately begin to focus on aspects of their lives that bring them joy and lift their spirits.

Being able to create a power shift in focus is one habit that can have a tremendous impact on your life. Why? Because it’s a direct answer to the question life is always asking of you: Who do you think you are?

When you temporarily step away from challenging situations and steer your attention to something that makes you feel good, you are replenishing your spirit and nourishing your soul, the very essence of who you are.

You are recharging your inner battery with the emotional fortitude needed to forge ahead. So, when  you go back to face the situation that is causing unease in your life, which inevitably you must do, you will feel less overwhelmed and the answers will come to you more readily. This is because you’ve calmed your nervous system down to embrace the situation, rather than have the situation control you.

Let’s face it, you can’t stop life from throwing stuff at you. You can’t stop the unexpected from interfering with your goals and dreams. But you can choose how to respond. You can always choose to shift to a healthier state of mind when unwanted things happen.

The most important lesson about living on this planet is that we will all experience good times and bad times, that we will all have sad days and happy moments, that nothing in life is permanent, and that our success and happiness depends on our ability to ride these waves of change with composure.

People who are happy, successful and optimistic know that no matter what happens, life still goes on and they can choose to focus on things that empower them. They refuse to give up their right to enjoy life. And guess what? So can you.


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