The 7 Steps to Be Happy and Successful in Life – INSIDE and OUT

Arron Simm

What must I have in order to be happy? Most of us are happy conditionally. We become happy if we get the new car, high-paying job or luxury holiday. There’s nothing wrong with it, but it is still conditional.

“I will be happy when I have [x]”

But when you think about what defines success in your relationship, finances, profession, business or health—it comes down to one thing—feeling happy in your own skin. So if that is the end in mind, why not just start at the top and be happy to feel successful?

Welcome to the Be Happy for No Reason philosophy (accredited to Marci Shimoff). Seems counterintuitive. But let’s look at a simple business example.

Say you are looking for a professional consultant for your business. You interview two consultants of equal experience, equal qualifications and their fees are the same. One is happy, and the other isn’t. Who are you likely to choose to do business with?

Of course it is the happier person!

The one who is happy tends to be magnetic. They have a nicer vibe about them, which makes you want to do business with them. It makes you look forward to seeing them again.

The same thing applies in your relationships, health and performance at work too.

If you want success in life, be happy first, then you can be happy with what comes with that.

So how do we be happy for no reason? The steps are as follows:

  1. The Foundation
    Take ownership of your happiness. No one else has to live your life, only you do. Make yourself responsible.
  2. Pillar of the Mind
    Do not believe everything that you think. The mind can be deceiving. Start to reflect and question what you think.
  3. Pillar of the Heart
    Let love show you the way. The heart has a stronger magnetic field than the mind, and science has proven that it stores memories too. Trust in its power to guide you. To access this, it starts with being grateful for what you have.
  4. Pillar of the Body
    Make your cells happy. It’s hard to be happy if you don’t take care of your health.
  5. Pillar of the Soul
    Tune in and connect with Spirit. Many studies show that people with a higher or spiritual practice are happier in life. For no reason other than the fact that they feel connected.
  6. The Roof
    Live a purpose-filled life. Waking up looking forward to do something meaningful leads to greater happiness in life. It fills you with energy and enthusiasm.
  7. The Garden
    Have nourishing relationships. Rather than thinking of having things, explore ways to connect with colleagues, friends and family. Life would be lonely without connection.

These guiding principles are much easier to follow than stressing-out trying to have more posessions in life. People often beat themselves out and stress out about not having more in life.

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