Mastering The Game of Money

7 Ways to Create Wealth and Live the Life of your Dreams

Money may not buy happiness, but it can buy comfort, freedom, and the ability to give back and contribute to society.

It can be a blessing that turns your dreams into reality or a burden that you’re always carrying. The question is, will you master money, or will you allow it to master you?

That’s why Tony wrote the book: “Money: Master the Game.”

Here are 7 strategies from Tony’s book, Money: Master the Game, and his top tips on how to master your money.

1. Realize your Ultimate Power

Money has no power on its own – only the power you give it.

The ultimate power is your ability to focus and the state you put yourself in.

Once you are able to achieve your peak state, you can adopt empowering beliefs such as “I deserve to make money” or “I will use the money I make to create a positive impact on the world.”

2. 80% of Wealth is Psychology

Do you know that 20% of money game is mechanics while 80% is psychology?

The wealthy turn obstacles into opportunities.

 When asked why most people fail in making money, they blame their lack of time and resources.

Instead, focus on your strengths and adopt an abundance mindset to turn every failure into an opportunity to succeed.

3. Become Financially Literate

Yes, you are smart enough to figure out how to become a money master – if you want to.

At first, it may seem like learning a new language, but reading financial statements and learning common vocabulary are the first steps to success.

 Even if you are planning to consult a financial advisor, it is better to become financially literate, so that you will be involved in more important decisions.

4. Setting Goals

Financial freedom is a must for anyone who wants to live a fulfilling life.

But financial freedom in itself isn’t a concrete, actionable goal.

To truly master your money, you must have a massive action plan.

First, ask yourself what do you want – that’s your end goal.

Then, ask why you want it? Connecting your goals to your purpose is vital.

Finally, set smaller, measurable SMART goals to help you move towards your bigger goal.

Finally, track and celebrate your progress.

5. Get the tools you need

Though only 20% of the money game is mechanics, you still need the right tools to master the game, besides finding a financial advisor who can help give you more information about investing, or a business coach who can guide you on your journey to money mastery.

6. Use the Law of Attraction

If you approach life positively, you can attract whatever you want in life.

One of the best ways to do this is to use the Power of Proximity: By surrounding yourself with successful people and model after them.

7. Be a Money Master

Last but not least, become a master of your life and not just a manager of life’s circumstances.

When you see life as happening for you rather than to you, you’ll start taking charge – by turning your setbacks into success opportunities.

Get out of your own way and achieve your money success. Develop a hunger that empowers you to go out and pursue your dreams and overcome your fear of failures.

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