Beat the Ringgit Depreciation! What to do …

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Are you worried about the Ringgit tumbling down in value?

I am especially worried for many of my Malaysian friends, who have literally seen up to 30% of their wealth wiped away in the past 12 months…simply because of the depreciation of their currency.

I mean, retirement plans may have to be postponed, your kids may not get the best education they deserve…the list goes on.

On the flipside, I’m glad to see that many of my Malaysian students who took action and got into the US stock market actually preserve their wealth, and at the same time bank in some good returns using my system.

Obviously, the US stock market has many benefits for Malaysians.

Apart from diversifying your portfolio from the currency turmoil in Malaysia, you are able to invest in some of the biggest, most stable companies in the world.

You are also able to gain access to the most liquid, transparent and highly traded market in the world.

But that alone does not guarantee success.

You need to educate yourself.  Action without knowledge leads to failure. This applies to anything in life for that matter.

In terms of the Ringgit tumbling down, you need to learn proven and solid strategies that have worked for many in any market condition.

Whether it is a bear market (slow declining market) or a bull market (strong rising market), you must understand how to protect yourself and how to make the most of them. For example, this article provides investors an understanding of how they can survive a bear market.

But what if you could make a gain whether it is a bull or bear market? Most people think it is one or the other.

For me, that solution was trading. I managed to replace my full-time 6 figure income while I worked a job. For the past 10 years, my mentor Mirriam Williams (self-made millionaire) has helped over 7,500 students Asia and worldwide, to earn more money with stock trading in as little as 30 minutes per day.

“My first six months were amazing! I started with about $10,000 and quickly turned that into $19,000!
I was over the moon with excitement. I have been trading now for years now and have seen
fantastic growth in my account! I really enjoy the process and I hope within the
next two years to quit my day job!”

Joe Mason, Teacher

Her knowledge is now available to you too, if you are fortunate enough to get a free ticket to her live 2 hour talks.

It may or may not be for you. But what if it is? 🙂

Steer yourself towards success!

Aaron Sim



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