5 Ways to Inspire CONFIDENCE in Others


INSPIRING confidence from others is an essential ingredient for any trusting relationship— whether with friends, family members, spouses, team members, or clients.

One of the greatest compliments you can ever receive is: “I have confidence in you.” It’s another way of saying “I trust you,” “I value your expertise” and “We know you will get us there.”

Whether you are a politician, a boss, or a parent,  there is one goal: to build your confidence in others so they will follow you. The question is, do your words match your action? Inspiring confidence in others rely on honoring commitments and partnership—doing the right things that you said you would do. On the other hand, others may  quickly lose confidence in you, if you do not practice what you preach.

Recently Amy Anderson of Success.com wrote an article on “How to Inspire Confidence From Others,” and we would like to highlight some of the useful tips below:

1.Keep calm and steady

You can do a lot of good by keeping calm and steady when emotions run high. For example, when the deadline is near, or when your perfect plan is suddenly ruined. Those who keep calm in chaotic times will influence others do the same, because it shows that emotions aren’t winning the day as much as solving the real problems at hand. Take a deep breath. Pause and think. Even in fast paced, hectic environments, bringing a calm and thoughtful mindset can make a lot of difference. This approach will ensure everyone remembers the real issue rather than focusing on the problems.

2. Keep your word

Of course, we all change our mind sometimes, but having a consistent thread through your conversations based on logical thought and rationale will build confidence in others, because it shows you remember what matters, even when new information emerges. This evolution of thought is part of the learning process, and you should let your rationale— and not your emotions, rule the day, which is a mark of true leadership.

3. Be punctual

If you always show up late or unprepared, you’ve just signaled that you can’t be counted on, because you are not respecting other people’s time. Yes, there will be times when the traffic is unusually heavy, or when your flight is delayed in the last minute. Make those the rare exception and keep others informed in advance, so they are updated or forewarned about the delay. Otherwise, plan ahead to avoid such delays. Be proactive and research the location before you go. Pre-plan and confirm that you have the right address. Though these may seem like simple steps but it is the foundation where trust is built.

4.Listen attentively

When you listen attentively, it shows that you are interested and communicates that you don’t have all of the answers and are willing to learn. Asking intelligent questions instill confidence because you value what others have to say. If you don’t allow time for your audience to ask questions and brush their opinions aside, then you can be rest assured that regardless of what you say, their confidence in you would be long gone.

5. Think before you speak

You can be both thoughtful and quick at making decisions—they are not mutually exclusive. You build confidence in others when you return to important principles and priorities that drive wise decisions. In this fast-paced world, where work turnaround is expected quickly, we need quick thinkers even more. Even so, make sure you that think about what matters, what are your options, then act. Remember that your small decisions and actions will generate more confidence for others to trust and rely on your judgment.


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