5 Unexpected Benefits Of Sleeping Naked

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Au naturel, in your birthday suit, in the buff, unclothed, disrobed, stripped. Whatever you want to call it,  sleeping naked has always been thought of as a bit taboo, but new research has revealed some surprising effects to our health.

Despite the taboo, sleeping in the nude doesn’t always have to be about sex (although it can help your relationship). This scintillating article  by ravenfon in iheartintelligence.com reveals that sleeping in the buff is actually a good way to boost your overall health for the mind and body!

However you look at it,  sleeping naked is a great way to really become comfortable in your own skin. Waking up in the morning and feeling completely refreshed from a good night’s sleep is the way to go, to create a happier, and more confident you, and a more confident you is a happier you.

  1. Release your love hormone

In 2014, a survey was taken of approximately 1,000 British married couples. 57% of the couples who slept naked reported feeling very happy in their relationship. When you and your partner decide to give “sleeping naked” thing a try, you will discover that skin-to-skin contact will release the hormone oxytocin, or “love hormone” which is beneficial to our health in many ways – to lower blood pressure, decrease stress levels, help combat depression, and makes you a happier person. Not to mention, your love life will also improve drastically. Removing those unnecessary undergarments before bed may just be the thing to give you the spark you’ve been looking for.

  1. Lower your cortisol level

When your body goes into sleep mode, it will automatically drop its temperature, and sleeping naked helps to regulate this temperature. This will help to maintain normal levels of cortisol. When there is too much cortisol in the system, you will experience higher levels of stress, anxiety, junk food cravings, and even weight gain.

  1. Experience a more restful sleep

Tossing and turning can be prevented with less clothing, which keeps your body cool. On the other hand, when you’re sleeping in pajamas and wrapped in a blanket, your body tends to overheat, and  prevents the optimal temperature for deep sleep to occur.

  1. Anti-aging benefits

There are other hormones that are released when we sleep, and their effectiveness is based on body temperature as well. Melatonin and growth hormones, which contribute to anti-aging and skin health, are released with lower body temperature, so it is recommended that you keep your bedroom below 70˚F (21˚C).

  1. Keep your body cool

If you sleep without air-condition, your body will overheat and your pores will release sweat which can be inhibited by the clothes you wear with tend to stick to your skin, and the blanket will make you feel like an oven. By sleeping naked, you don’t have to worry about sweating in the middle of the night which helps you to sleep more comfortably.

With all the benefits mentioned, you should definitely try sleeping naked. Whether you love to snuggle into bed in cozy pajamas, or if you prefer to don your undies, you will find out why removing all your clothes before bedtime is the best thing to do for your health, and love life.


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