5 Life Hacks to Smoothen Your Life



Active Individuals don’t really live by the logbook. They don’t despise Mondays and neither do they live for Fridays. Every day is about capitalizing on every open door. What’s more, when things get excessively complex and upsetting, they strategize. As opposed to procrastination (or worse, ignoring challenges altogether), they do one simple thing: they look for ways to make their daily routine easier.

In the event that the considered having the capacity to do that puts a gigantic grin all over, you’ve gotta set aside a few minutes to read through this article originally from unifiedsoultheory.com, and you will learn some of the simplest and most effective ways  to make your day smoother! Here’s how:

  1. Arrrange your day the night before

With our busy lifestyle, it can be difficult to find spare time, nowadays. The most challenging time of the day is probably the morning as you’re rushing off to work. During that rush hour, your stress level can increase, causing you to forget things and put you in a bad mood. Avoid the possibility of this happening by planning out your day the night before.

  1. Limit your time on Social Media

A year ago, Inc. published an article that the normal individual burns 30 hours a week checking his email. Amazing! Checking emails and social media accounts have become part of a daily routine, which is akin to a part-time job. Don’t spend all of your waking hours doing it. Create a new habit to check your accounts only in the morning, at lunch and just before sleep. Your day will be far more productive (and less distracted) that way.

  1. Don’t be stubborn

Stubbornness  can affect your professional and personal life. Take passive aggressive behavior, for example. Making intentional mistakes, showing an absence of gratitude,  concealing feedback with compliments, giving the quiet treatment – these are all exemplary indications of this sort of conduct. If you have a tendency to be this way, work on making some adjustments. On the off chance that your colleague or associates are this way, don’t get pulled into this negative energy, and try to avoid conflict.

  1. Get some fresh air

Pollution in your home and work space can be bad for your health and concentration, but you can improve things immediately by getting a few plants. However, don’t let that be a substitute for also getting some fresh air. Not only will it help to cleanse your lungs and detoxify your body, it can improve your blood pressure and heart rate too. Plus, sunlight is the greatest source of Vitamin D. Have your lunch outside. It will do your body great.

  1. Sleep well with no distractions

Lack of sleep prompts a wide range of health issues including poor focus, anxiety and tension. There are reports  that people have trouble sleeping at night because they gaze at their cell phone the night before.

Your health relies on  knowing when to stop using your phone (and all of your other electronics), so your body can get the maximum rest it needs. The light on the screen can make it hard for the brain to slow down so that you can fall asleep.

Set your phone to “Do Not Disturb” around an hour before to bed time. Whatever is on your SMS, or voice message, can wait until morning.

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