3 Secrets of An Internet Millionaire

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We’ve all heard the Internet success stories.

From the student who hacked his university network to steal student photos and created the world’s biggest social network; to the guy who reverse engineered the KFC Chicken recipe and created a #1 bestseller online cookbook.

But according to Internet millionaire Derek Gehl, these overnight success stories are not how most of the “Work from Home Entrepreneurs” are actually making money online today.

Derek explains, “The fact is those stories are rare but they’re also what you see in the headlines. Hence people think that to make money online, they have to start the next eBay or Facebook.”

Secret #1: It’s the small ideas that make the big money

“The reality is if you’re just starting out, you need to avoid those big competitive markets. Just focus on the thousands of the niche markets that are too small for the big companies to care about, but still big enough to generate 5-6 figure incomes every year.”

“These small niches have huge demand and you can easily generate consistent income monthly. Once things are set up, you only spend a few hours per week. It’s truly a passive income on autopilot.”

Secret #2: Creating a website is simple

“Back in the 90s it was not easy to create a website. Now, everything is point and click. You don’t need technical knowledge. ”

“A domain will cost about US$12 a year and hosting will range from $5-$15 a month. Websites can be built for free. ”

“Once you have started your first Internet business, it gets easier and easier. Eventually whenever you come across a good idea, you can have your entire business up and running in a week!”

Secret #3: There’s no secret

“People always ask me what the ‘real secret’ is to making money online. They are so used to hearing overblown stories and get-rich-quick promises. They’re sure there must be a shortcut that nobody is sharing. ”

“Well, there is no secret… It’s based on the same fundamentals of any successful business ie. identify a need, find a product to fill that need and then have a compelling sales process to get people to buy.”

How much to get started?

“You can start with as little as US$50. With a little more money invested on proper tools, you start making sales online in much less time. Compared to starting a traditional business, even this extra investment is cheap!”

How much money can I earn?

“My favourite part of teaching people to make money online is the fact that I know they can make as much as they want depending on how much time they want to put into it. There really is no limit!”

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